A huge thanks!

Kelly and I - the K and P in Kelly Panacci Inc. - would like to start this section by personally thanking all our retailers for carrying our art and product collections since 2003. Without you we could not have inspired our shared customers to include our art and products in the personal craft art they create. Art that reflects love and best moments lived with family and friends. Craft art is not an industry that focuses on profits first and everything else second. Our industry is full of brands and business leaders that love inspiring creativity in everyone. Our beloved craft industry artists, manufacturers and retailers are known for attracting the best creatives that in turn produce the best craft art for everyone. At Kelly Panacci Inc. we try to do only one thing well - we try to create "Art Designed to Inspire"™ knowing that best in class art attracts best in class manufacturing partners and best in class retailers. Together we "invite" more customers to the joys of creating loving and caring craft art projects! We don't consider our business work - for us being Copreneurs is a way of life as artists and retailers that buy and sell our art licensing products share our values - thank you again for all you do - you inspire us too!