Licensing Partners

Riley Blake Designs

Since 2013 licensed exclusively to Riley Blake Designs (quilt fabric only) complete digital ready copyrighted fabric collections; Happy Flapper (top selling), Little Flyers, Tree Party, Road Trip, Panda Love. RBD manufactures and distributes our collections globally to retailers for personal use in quilting, clothing and home decor. If you are a manufacturing company and want to extend our art to your product set please contact us: Kelly Panacci Inc. and RBD co-branded products at:

Best fabric product highlights: Kelly at Pinterest 

Media Spotlight for Canadian Quilting Magazine: Licensing Art

 Wilton Brands Inc.

Since 2010 licensed exclusively to Wilton Brands co-branded with K&Company complete digital ready copyrighted paper-craft collections; Love/Valentine (top selling) , Halloween, Blossom and Eclectic. Wilton Brands manufactures and distributes our co-branded paper craft products to retailers and online for personal use in scrapbooking and card-making. If you are a manufacturing company and want to extend our art to your product set please contact us: Our co-branded product collections: Love/Valentine, Halloween, Blossom and Eclectic at:


Hampton Art - National Spinning

Since 2009 licensed non-exclusively to National Spinning co-branded with Hampton Arts more than 50 sets of clear stamps and wood stamps copyrighted and produced in a variety of themes. Hampton Art manufactures and distributes our co-branded stamps for personal use to retailers globally. If you are a stamp or manufacturing company and want to extend our stamp art to your product set please contact us: Best 31 co-branded stamp products with Hampton Arts: Kelly stamps at Pinterest

 Past License: Sandylion Sticker Design

From 2003 to Sandylion's close licensed exclusively to Sandylion our digital ready paper craft and stamp copyrighted art collections. Our co-branded products for personal use grew to become Sandylion's top independent selling license products generating over 4 million dollars retail sales during the mid 2000's scrapbooking boom. At our peak we had over 240 co-branded products in stock with Sandylion and we were annually producing over 200 new products replacing older collections. Our global success with high sales in USA, Europe and Australia led directly to our license with Wilton brand in 2010 after Sandylion discontinued operations. We loved our Sandylion years - this family owned and run business became family to us too and together we created art designed to inspire. If you are a Sandylion type company looking for a win-win co-brand we'd love to hear from you - please contact us:

Past timeless co-branded products with Sandylion online at: Scrapbookoutlet

Media Highlight:  Globe and Mail

Kelly's collections CHA 2008 

Past License: Northcott Fabrics

Until 2013 licensed exclusively to Northcott complete digital ready copyrighted fabric collections for personal use. See highlights of all fabric:  Kelly fabric at pinterest


Past License: Westcott School Supplies

Licensed exclusively complete digital ready school supply copyrighted collections co-branded with Acme United, Canada Ltd. (Westcott). Currently looking for a like manufacturing partner in this product set. If interested please contact us: