Our County Collection

If you've seen any of our recent projects here and on social media, you'll have noticed illustrations and maps we've created depicting businesses and places of interest in our beloved Prince Edward County. Since 2019, we've enjoyed working with the municipal staff at the County and together we've produced a Visitor's Guide (we even won an award, yay!), maps, banners, itineraries and projects featuring many of the idyllic experiences of our little island.

Even though we've lived in PEC for quite a few years, this project had us researching, reading up on County history and driving around finding out-of-the-way and hidden gems that were brand new to us. The land itself is 48 km across and boasts over 500 km of shoreline! It's a lot to explore and we're still finding new places!

Here's the map that was created in 2019.

The images and icons were developed into scenes and formatted onto 28 pages for the County's first ever Illustrated guide book that was designed to help tourists and Islanders find off-the-beaten-track sites. Click HERE for a link to the complete guide.

The 2019 Visitor's Guide went on to win the National EDAC award and based on the success of the guide we were commissioned to extend the guide into 2020 including new content and experiences. Just before printing, at the last minute we were asked to put masks (thanks Covid) on a few of the characters and we had to change text to encourage visitors to travel safely. Even though things slowed down for many that year, our little island surged with visitors mostly because of our beaches. And once people were here, they wanted to explore different areas, so the Visitor's Guide was a great publication to offer some alternatives. 

Here are the 2 different versions of the Visitor's Guide. 

At the beginning of 2022, we were still dealing with the effects of Covid-19 and small businesses were still taking a hit. The Economic Development Team at the County and their counterparts at The Bay of Quinte wanted to promote small businesses and developed 3 itineraries for their web platforms. They asked 3 local writer/bloggers to do the scripting and I created the maps to follow their lead. This was a fun project and again we got to research and explore some new-to-us areas; this time north of the Bay of Quinte! 

Here are the 3 maps with itineraries that we came up with. An Outdoorsy Weekend, A Foodie Weekend and A Wellness Weekend - all in PEC + BoQ


After all these projects over a few years, we've got a good collection of icons and scenes including local businesses and it seems a waste for them to sit in our computer archives so who knows, maybe we'll turn them into something else. Stay tuned. 

As always, thanks for reading my rambles.